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Our Products
 Gantry Type Dual Drive CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting machines...
  1. Modular design, stable and high precision.
  2. Any planar figure cutting
  3. Single or large scale components cutting
  4. Simultaneous cutting the same component by multi-group Lifting body and cutting Torch.
Machine Length & Width can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
Product detail
Model Effective cutting range (X*Y) Actual Length
HDG3060 2300mm*4800mm 3000*6000mm
HDG3560 2800mm*4800mm 3500*6000mm
HDG4060 3300mm*4800mm 4000*6000mm
HDG5060 4300mm*4800mm 5000*6000mm
Flame cutting thickness 5-200mm
Plasma cutting thickness According To Plasma.
Max running speed 10000 mm/min.
Nesting software Australia Fastcam.
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